History & Introduction
Our founder and principle Will Carpenter has been an interactive developer for over 20 years, and currently functions as a Technical Lead, Senior Architect, Technical & Strategic Consultant and multi-disciplinary Senior Full-Stack Developer.

WeCreate, Inc. founder and principle Will Carpenter began his career with a focus on Flash and Flex, becoming heavily inspired by ActionScript 3.0, which was a coveted skill at the time.

As these technologies began to fade, Will adapted as any good technologist does. He began to dabble in other technologies, expanding his interests across front and back end frameworks, and wound up finding a specialized niche in Day Software's CQ platform; a Java-based content management platform based on Sling, JCR, and a hierarchical content model rather than a relational data-structure.

Working as a consultant directly for Day, Will supported their internal professional services division as a technical architect and lead developer for a wide array of their clients. Day has since been acquired by Adobe, and CQ became Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Throughout that transition and beyond, Will has consulted extensively for Adobe directly, for a multitude of their clients in addition to his own, becoming a respected source of platform specific knowledge and a leader in the field. He is a trusted subject matter expert, and has designed and delivered hundreds of successful AEM implementations spanning many different verticals over the years.

We pride ourselves in being well rounded, flexible and creative enough to meet the needs of virtually any organization. From discovery to design, analysis to architecture, requirements to execution and further into knowledge transfer, training and adoption, we've literally done it all.
Whether starting from the ground up designing and building a new implementation, upgrading an existing application, or analyzing an application with issues and devising remedial solutions, we can assist your organization in accomplishing a successful end-state.






In The Weeds
  • Recognized subject matter expertise in AEM Sites, Assets, Workflow and Core Systems, OSGi, deployment & optimization, with regards to both architectural design, application development, process and governance.
  • Proven track record in the areas of architecture, technical leadership, quality management & triage, organizational change management and have executed numerous multi-platform implementations across many different verticals.
  • Decades of experience and expertise leading teams in designing and implementing thoughtful multi-platform solutions using both waterfall and agile methodologies.
  • Strong project, organizational and internal team leadership skills.
  • Extensive strategic experience, starting from discovery, understanding current state, organizational and future needs, etc...then translating those inputs into comprehensive roadmap(s) and a streamlined implementation with quality cycles and a thoughtful rollout.
  • Extensive leadership experience in the areas of onboarding, organizational change management, training and user adoption, along with technical knowledge transfer to streamline transitions across an entire organization.
  • Tools / Frameworks / Languages: Java, OSGi, JCR, HTL (Sightly), JSP, JSTL, PHP, CURL, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS, Gulp, Node.js, Jquery, Angular, XSLT / XML, Velocity, Day CQ/AEM, Adobe Analytics, Apache Sling, Adobe Target, IntelliJ, Eclipse, Subversion, GIT, Perforce, Jenkins, Maven, Gulp, Windows, Linux, Unix, Apache, IIS.
We have served countless clients spanning many industries over the years, ranging from small and mid-sized organizations to large scale enterprise and Fortune 500 companies.
We'd love to hear from you, please contact our team by sending an email intro to: hey@wecreateinc.com
Please include any details about your organizational needs that you feel would be helpful to our us assessing your project.
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WeCreate, Inc.
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